No Thing
‘No Thing’ depicts the Buddhist concept of Perfection: a state of mind represented by the central figure of the white elephant and achieved only by banishing...
I felt bad that I felt bad for him
Narrative, hand-built pot based on Jeffrey Dahmer. A serial killer described as ‘conventionally handsome’, introverted and kind who ‘seemed like a nice...
I am
Wall hanging inspired by the Chinese medicine understanding of the human body as a country with the heart as its emperor and the microcosm as a representation of...
Barthes' cinema
Illustration based on ‘Leaving the movie theatre’ essay by Roland Barthes. The viewers are hypnotised by the screen and its surroundings while different...
Hand-drawn alphabet
The taking
Narrative illustration about a man who wants to make his wife disappear. -Semifinalist in Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014
Lost Wisdom
Digital collage based on wise Hindu figures. These figures of wisdom are not needed on Earth anymore and live on another planet.
Vishnu the Preserver
My visual interpretation of the Hindu god Vishnu.
Lady Alchymia
Illustration based on the goddess of Alchemy standing among King Sulphur and a Philosopher.
Julian Boolean
Concept work for an interactive comic about a Swami meditating.
Focus Spezial - Crime
Editorial Illustration for crime book reviews commissioned by German magazine Focus Spezial.
HR magazine
Editorial illustration for HR magazine accompanying an article about flexible working / working from home.
Tavistock Consulting
Tavistock is an NHS trust based in London specialising in mental health. The idea was to create an ideal place with some references to London.
The Telegraph - Sagittarius
Illustration for the Telegraph magazine about the Sagittarius star sign.
Focus Spezial - Non-Fiction
Illustration for non-fiction book reviews commissioned by German magazine Focus Spezial
Focus Spezial - Fiction
Editorial Illustration for Fiction book reviews commissioned by German magazine Focus Spezial
Foculs Special - Children/Young Adults
Illustration for children/young adults book reviews commissioned by German magazine Focus Spezial